SKID - Customised Process Units

Based on strong experience in design and production, Tapflo offers wide range of compact process pumping systems.

We create units that are dedicated to certain applications in certain industrial sectors. In Tapflo we provide almost limitless possibilities of pump units’ development, both in mechanical & automation disciplines.

In addition, Tapflo might take responsibility for project management, assembly works and integration with existing on site systems.

IBC containers unloading unit. Including Tapflo T120 pump built in a temperature proof box with a control panel. Ready to work in low ambient temperatures.
Mobile mixing & unloading tank. Tapflo CTV 40-13.5 pump to operate in paint industry.
Ethanol dispensing and filtering unit Tapflo TRX20 pump unloading a container at pharmaceutical factory. ATEX-approved unit.
Mobile filtration unit Tapflo T420 pump suppling paint resin through a selfcleaning filter