Integrated Solutions


Tapflo offers integrated solutions as an possibility to apply standard devices in non-standard applications.

Combining different flow components into one complex unit is an opportunity to suit individual customers’ needs, that are related to:

  • required equipment & functionality
  • available space
  • position of connecting flanges
  • mobility
TXB400+DTBX400: Integrated with pneumatic Diaphragm Failure Monitoring System (PDFM).
T225+DT225: Integrated with air pressure booster, built on a hygienic frame.
4x T80+DT80: Assembled on a hygienic frame with removable drip pans.
T800+DT800 & T820+DT820: Built on one support frame with footprint reduced to less than 0,6 m2!
2xT420: Compact assembly on a support frame with a drip pan. Ball valves and pressure indicators included to meet customer’s needs.