Hoses materials

The PT series is designed to make hose changes quick and easy with no technical knowledge required. We only work with high quality compounded rubbers, reinforced with 2 to 6 individual layers of braided polyamide and with an outer layer made to strict tolerances to ensure perfect compression. The characteristics of Tapflo hoses enable them to last approximately 30% longer than other hoses on the market. They also fit the majority of other hose pumps.

For the hose inner layers, 8 materials are available to suit the diversity of the pumped fluids.

  white marking double white marking yellow marking white & yellow marking red marking red marking blue marking purple marking
NR (natural rubber) NR FDA NBR (buna) NBR Food (approved FDA) EPDM EPDM (approved FDA) HYPALON/CSM VITON/FKM
Water treatment & Industrial waste X X X   X   X X
Ceramic industry X       X      
Mining & quarries X   X   X   X X
Building & constructions X   X   X      
Chemical X   X   X   X X
Food & beverage X X   X   X    
Paint X       X      
Pulp & paper X       X      
Agriculture, biogas X X X   X   X X


PTL series

Without reinforcing: Norprene®; Tygoprene, Silicone
Reinforcing food hoses: NR FDA ; NBR FDA ; EPDM FDA
With polyamide reinforcing: Natural rubber (NR) ; NBR ; EPDM

PTL P series

  • Natural rubber (NR)
  • Perbunan (NBR)
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Neoprene®
  • Pharmed
  • Silicone and Hypalon
  • Tygon®


Tapflo can offer food grade hoses in EPDM FDA, NBR FDA and NR FDA and meet the certifications EC 1935/2004 and FDA CFR21§177.2600.

The internal of the hose is white (NR FDA and EPDM FDA) or black (NBR FDA), according to the pumped fluid.